Lady Gaga - 'Born This Way' Video Premieres

Official Video - Lady Gaga - \'Born This Way\' Video Premieres.
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Mother Monster is good and evil! Don't miss the brand new freaky video for 'Born This Way' by Lady Gaga after the jump.

Lady Gaga premiered her new video for 'Born This Way' this morning and we love it. Now, our editor who is flat out in love with Gaga is out, so I'm left to take over on the recap front. I must confess I'm not a self-declared 'little monster,' but this video has stroke the right chord of freaky with me.

I'm not going to write a long book on it, since all you want to do is watch it and interpret it to make it yours, but this clip reminds me of The Flaming Lips' frontman Wayne Coyne and his obsession with genitalia and psychedelia. There's a lot of that going on in here, my favorite is seeing Gaga turned into an alien of sorts, and that little take on a certain gap-toothed mega star at the end. Bonus points for an amazing video free of product placement.

Are you loving 'Born This Way' too?

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