Uniformed Cop Caught Having Sex On Car Will Not Be Charged

Santa Fe Police Department - Uniformed Cop Caught Having Sex On Car.
Santa Fe Police Department

Police officer Bert Lopez was caught having sex on the hood of a car while in uniform in broad daylight. Now, the state police department has finished their investigation, but will not press charges. What in the world?

A New Mexico state police officer was video taped by a surveillance camera as he had sex with a woman on the hood of car while in uniform. The photos were released by the New Mexico state police during their investigation.

After looking into the odd matter, Santa Fe County Sheriff Robert Garcia said that since no one saw the incident when it was happening that he would not cite the officer for indecent exposure or public lewdness.

'At this point we do not believe any criminal activity occurred,' state police spokesman Sgt. Tim Johnson told reporters. Sgt. Johnson also said that Lopez is currently on administrative leave.

Lopez was awarded in May 2010 the New Mexico State Police District 1 Officer of the Year and is even allegedly involved in a high profile rape case. According to reports, he arrested rapist Daniel Martinez, but the suspect got away.

Do you think this police officer should be charged with a crime or even fired?

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