Mexican Slang - Fresas vs Nacos

Mexican Slang - Mexican Slang, Fresas vs Nacos.
Mexican Slang

Think you know everything about being a cool Mexican? Here is a definite list of slang words you must know to survive in any bus, subway, club or street in Mexico.

Fresa: a preppy guy, rich girl or someone who speaks as if they had a hot potato stuck in their mouth.

Naco(a): Derogatory name for someone who has money but no class or simply someone with no class. Mexican 'fresas' also use it to describe those who are of a lower social class.

Check out 'Amandititita,' the super cool and anti-fresa queen of the Anarcumbia's take on Mexico's idea of a Fresa. The video is a perfect parody of the interaction between a 'fresa' and a 'naco' in modern day Mexico:

Pipirisnais: Used to describe people who think and act as if they were of a higher social class when in fact they're not, i.e. 'Te crees muy pipirisnais.'

Echame aguas: It literally means 'Throw some water on me.' Used to tell your friends to watch out for you when you're either crossing the street or doing any other activity.

La neta: The truth

La chota: The police

Un güagüis: Oral sex

Porfis: Abbreviation of por favor, which means 'Please.'

O sea: Similar to when teenage girls use the term 'like' to like describe everything and stuff.

Le hecha mucha crema a sus tacos or Se cree el/la muy muy: Used to describe someone who is very arrogant and thinks he/she is better than everyone else.

Chido: Something very, extremely cool. It can be applied to almost everything.

No mames: You have to be kidding me

Baboso: A slug. Can also mean 'ass**ole.'

Un mal viaje: it describes someone who has done something terrible because of their bad mood.

Güey: Derived from 'buey'¿an ox, but means "dude." Cooler younger kids actually just say 'we' which is pronounced 'gooeeee.'

Que oso: you say this when you have done something very embarrassing or to react to someone else's embarrassing story.

Gringo: Mexican slang for a white American. Leyend has it that the term comes from Mexican revolutionaries telling American invasors 'Green' (from the color of their uniforms) and 'Go,' which were the only two words the Mexican soldiers knew.

Pasarla chido: To have a great time

¡Qué padre!: Cool

Estar crudo: To have a hangover

Pendejo: Jerk

Órale: OK, all right

¿Que no?: Ending phrase used in Mexican Spanish to denote 'right?'

Check out the ultimate Fresa prayer and tell us what your favorite Mexican expressions are and which ones make no sense at all!

Terra USA/Carlos Macias