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Dating Q&A: How to Be a Female Player

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A while back, we decided to sit down for an anonymous interview with a modern day "Cuban Casanova". Well, this time around we've decided to switch things up and go into the mind of the female player. The "game" is all about an even playing field these days so, ladies, grab your pen and paper because dating expert, Nina Sorrento, has some advice for you!

As a female, would you consider yourself a player and what is your definition of a player? Yes, I do consider myself a player. It's really someone who does whatever he or she needs to do to please himself or herself.

How exactly would you describe "the game" then? It's all about results for me. I'm results-oriented. If I go out with the intention to meet someone, then I do. It's also important to adapt yourself to the setting in order to get what you want.

How exactly do you adapt? Can you give us an example?
First, identify your target as if you're hunting but don't treat them like meat. Instead think of it as shopping. Browse around until you see something you want to buy. Then introduce yourself, and make sure to maintain a cool, laid-back attitude. No fear. Don't ever let it become like a sport though. That is not a healthy thing.

Share your thoughts with us! Do you agree with Nina's approach to dating? Can you expand a little more on "hunting"?
You won't find the man of your dreams by hunting. It's just good exercise, a way to keep in shape. It should always be fun. Never take it too seriously.

What about rules? Do you believe in rules when it comes to dating?
There are no rules, just stupid games. Go with your gut. Otherwise, you might come across as artificial. If a guy prefers artificial, then he is not the one for you. Personally, I don't follow any rules. I do as I please and it works well for me most of the time, but sometimes men want to see that soft, gentle feminine side. Also, some women are too guarded or too pleasing. Extremes are never good. It's all about a happy medium. Remain who you are always but don't be afraid to vocalize.

When a woman sees a man she likes, what method of approach should she use to ensure her rate of success?
Confidence is sexy. Just be yourself, go for it and have no expectations. Think more like a man but do it better.

In your experience, do things work out best when a man pursues you or when you take on the more aggressive role?
It depends on the objective. If I just want sex, then I like to be the aggressor; pursuing and conquering means I've been successful in my hunt. If I'm seeking something more serious, then it should be a mutual thing, a give and take situation.

So then what do you think of women who take a a more old-fashioned approach to love?
It's time to redefine Romeo & Juliet. One-sided relationships are boring and old. Nowadays it's important to take charge of the role you have in the dating scene. Don't be so passive. You don't always have to wait for them to make the first move. Go ahead, send that email if you want or make that call. Always remain cool, calm and collected, though.

Do you ever experience rejection? If so, how do you handle it?
Simply shake it off.

You seem to embody total power and confidence. Where do you believe that stems from?
I have a big ego. (lol) I've had experiences that have nurtured my intelligence and have helped me see the world. I'm also a dedicated lover -- I do and act on whatever I want. It just comes naturally.

If you could provide just one piece of advice to single women out there, what would it be? Take control of your dating life, be more aggressive and don't be afraid of physical contact. People in general seem to respond very well to someone who is open all around. And don't go out when you're PMSing (lol).

And to men?
Relax, sit back and wait for our phone call.

Share your thoughts with us! Do you agree with Nina's approach to dating?

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