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Cheek'd and FlipMe! Introduce Dating Cards

Cheekd.com - Cheek\'d and FlipMe! Introduce Dating Cards.

Watch out, traditional online dating sites! Two new dating companies are trying to change the scene by offering special note cards to the socially inept.

Lori Cheek, founder of Cheek'd.com clued The New York Times into how it works:

LORI CHEEK was walking through the meatpacking district of Manhattan when she spotted a handsome man sitting with friends amid the dinner crowd outside Pastis.

As she neared his table, she flashed a diminutive black card.

"I nestled it in his French fries," she said, "and kept going."

As Ms. Cheek, 37, disappeared into the July night, the man plucked the card from his fries. It read: "Look up. You might miss something." Below, in smaller letters, were the words "find me," a code and the address of a new Web site for singles.

For starters, let's talk about the fact that Ms. Cheek placed her card in his fries. Some people might find that really annoying. Secondly, why would anyone invest money on something they could create themselves? Why not use your own business cards? Why not write your info on a napkin? Or a notepad? Or whatever? Or here's an idea! You could just talk to the person who's caught your eye rather than act all odd and high school about it. Besides it takes far too much work to search for you on some random website when you could have just said hello in person from the beginning.

These specially designed cards cost $25 for a pack of 50 along with a month's subscription to Cheek'd. And in case you're wondering about what's written on some of them, here are a few examples:

"i'm geographically desireable."
"feel free to stalk me."
"i'd love having you next to me again."
"i knew i'd find you one day."
"i'll never leave you again."

What might the other 45 messages be? Rest assured they are just as creepy, corny and weird as the ones above.

FlipMe! works similarly except their offering is a whole penny cheaper. For $24.99 you'll receive a three-month membership to flipmedating.com together with a pack of 30 cards that read "I've said 'what if' too many times...not this time." Well, at least that's not as disturbing as some of the other ones.

The founders of the site admit FlipMe! was inspired by their own chance encounter:

Ms. DeAlto first spied the man who would eventually become her husband while having dinner at a restaurant in Red Bank, N.J. He had been dining with colleagues, and on his way out, he handed a waitress $5 and asked her to pass a note scribbled on a scrap of place mat to Rachel. She waited three days, then called the number and said "I'm the girl from Juanitos."

Six weeks later, they were engaged. [The New York Times]

Their sweet story, however, only serves to illustrate that finding love doesn't require special dating cards or website subscriptions. All he did was scribble away on a place mat and that was obviously enough to get her attention.

These new companies claim their approach to dating is more organic than regular online dating, but let's get real. There is nothing organic about any of it. We simply fail to see how these dating card systems are worth a dime, much less how it might be appealing in any way. But, hey, maybe that sort of thing actually does work for some people.

What do you think about this new wave in dating? Do you buy into it?

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