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Q'Viva The Chosen Ep. 5 Recap - Marc: 'The Trick Is Never Push Back'

Getty - Q\'Viva The Chosen Ep. 5 Recap - Marc: \'The Trick Is Never Push Back.\'
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Marc faced a scary moment in this week's episode when a crowd eager to see him begins an intense stampede leaving him trapped with potential talent in Plaza Garibaldi. Find out what happens in the fifth episode of 'Q'Viva The Chosen.'

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FIRST STOP: ARGENTINA - Jamie King discovers tragedy inspiring art with a jester that strives to bring joy to children in the underprivileged communities in Argentina. Through dance, live music, comedy, and passion, this young man brought poetry to life before our very eyes. His troupe gets six tickets to the U.S.

STOP TWO: MEXICO - Marc Anthony travels to Mexico to meet two dancers that bring high-flying acrobatics and fast-paced moves to the stage.

Marc's first impression of the couple leaves him with more to be desired, especially when a stunt stalls the show in mid-air. An injury and a lack of spark left this pair with no tickets.

STOP THREE: CHILE - Power Peralta get a super surprise when Jennifer Lopez meets the pair in their hometown. She's caught by their ability to tie in their twin synergies with Chilean music and dramatic hip-hop moves.

Jennifer gave them a shot to go to the states. The editing was a bit over-the-top, making fans think that the Chilean twins might not make it.

STOP FOUR: ECUADOR - Inspired by futbol and soccer grooving, Martin gets a chance to showcase his gravity-defying, balance-focused performance. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough to get Jennifer's approval.

STOP FIVE: USA - Marc returns to Los Angeles to bring local talent to the show. Here he meets Tina. Fighting for her father's health, she gave up a recording contract to help nurture him to health. With her father back in shape, Tina returns to music and to Marc for a new opportunity.

Marc faced Tina and told her that she brought Selena back to life for him. He shared that Selena was not only a personal friend, but that he believes she would have felt the impact that her career had on generations since if she had heard Tina's voice. Tina is going to participate in the show!

STOP SIX: ARGENTINA - Luciano may only be 11-years-old, but he's got the heart of a legendary artist. He's played for Carlos Santana, and now he had the chance to play for Jennifer.

Even more impressive than his guitar-playing skills, this child genius sings and has original songs. He manages to capture audiences' hearts, and Jennifer's as well. Despite his young age, he was invited to the U.S.

STOP SEVEN: MEXICO - Marc takes his search to Plaza Garibaldi to find some classic mariachis. This plaza proved to be more overwhelming than he thought. As he walked the quite streets he runs into an all-female mariachi band with pipes like angels from above.

Marc confronts the issues that the women face in a primarily male dominated genre. The group managed to impact Marc, but he didn't know how to fit the group in to the show. In a last attempt to capture his heart and approval, the women sing another number with his permission to proceed. Their rendition even gets Marc singing. Truly a candid, captivating, and classic moment in Q'Viva!

Still in Mexico, one mariachi named Jesus made his move to get to Marc despite a massive crowd surrounding him. His loud, slightly crazed antics were not only enough to get him a ticket, it seemed to start a chaotic stampede. Marc tries to make his getaway, but is quick to point out that pushing through the crowd will only cause more chaos. With the knowledge he's gained from years of fame, Marc reaches a quiet place and still pleases his awaiting fans.

NEXT WEEK: Now that Marc, Jennifer, and Jamie's trips throughout the U.S., the Carribean, and South and Central America have come to a close, the difficult part of their journey begins. They must narrow down from 200 hopefuls to 40 stars. Can it be done?

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