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'Magic Mike' Trailer: Damn Channing Tatum Looks Hot! (Video)

Claudette Barius - Channing Tatum.
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Comadres, take out your handkerchiefs and get ready to drool! In case you haven't seen it YET, here's the trailer for Channing Tatum's new stripperlicious film, Magic Mike.

Photos McConaughey &Tatum Strip Down In 'Magic Mike'

In the flick-inspired by Channing's real life- "Mike" (Tatum) takes a younger dancer ("The Kid" played by Alex Pettyfer) under his wings and teaches him about partying, picking up girls and making easy money. Ay, chihuahua!

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Apparently "Mike" gets caught between making fantasies and his reality. Honey, if this fantasy's a sin, I'm going straight to hell!

The movie also stars Matthew McConaughey, Latino hunk Adam Rodriguez (CSI:Miami), and according to the movie's press release, actor Gabriel Iglesias (is this the chunky comedian? Is he taking his clothes off?!)

I don't know about you, folks, but I'm PRE-ORDERING my tickets. Click "play," below to watch the sizzling trailer and tell us who your favorite stripper is! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel...


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